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Abarth 131 Volumetrico 2p


guy moerenhout:
only  +- 25 cars where made and this comes in our collection
Very fast and nice to drive

guy moerenhout:
arrive well

guy moerenhout:
This is one of 25 made. I dont now iff there where  no  on the  2 doors to like on 4 doors .?
With the  car is certificat from A.S.I   old targa  was   TO 02173A

Also a paper  from FIAT ARCHIVO STORICO with the car
This  where  prototipo  for the 037  to take the Volumex on the fiat engine

Hello Guy

My Abarth Volumetrico 2p has number 93 painted inside of bonnets louvres. Maybe serial numbers are 2p + 4p producted alltogether?



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