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Fiat Abarth 1000 OTR Berlinetta Reborn

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guy moerenhout:
a mix  from two cars  a Fiat 850 spider  serie 1 and a Bertone Racer  makes
 a nice  Fiat Abarth 1000 OTR berlinetta, so whe start on it
Like alway are many  Fiat 850 spider rusty and  even this car that come from France was like this
but it was  worth doying it
Colors will be silver like the  first and mayby only car ?
Like you see the car have now a big front radiator and a airintake on front
Rear heatwall is  also away ,the fuelintake and bonnet support change place to.

guy moerenhout:
some update ,body now  prepared  for Grey metalic  painting
Engine  rebuild  to  1000 cc Abarth   OT  specifications and  ready to fit
Special shocks  fitted front and  rear
Water tubes  fitted  to front radiator
All new  brake tubes

guy moerenhout:
a update   
For my there where more than  2  Fiat Abarth OTR  berlinetta  because on some photos  where on both side  FIAT ABARTH and  the rond  scorpion on and on other photos not . Do someone have good detail photo  from this ??? Are the separeted letters  our like the  124 Abarth on a line
Special seats inside for testing

Vinny H:
This is going to be al beatiful racer,


guy moerenhout:
up to bodyshop


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