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fiat Abarth 850 TC (remake)


guy moerenhout:
how it is ?=
 Special  build Engine on A112   70HP  base  with big 40DCNF  carburator
Special exhaust  Abarth  type
Abarth split type oilsump
Front disxs brakes
Lower special suspention
Bigger small wings  rear
Aluminium wheels (will be changed)
Abarth signal light rear
Abarth badges
Abarth big grill front
V (abarth)on front bonnet
Rear bonnet open
Abarth remake instruments
Abarth steering wheel
White color
Stronger rally body
Abarth gearbox cover
and many more

Interested in it  ? contact me

guy moerenhout:
now fiitted with other wheels


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