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1959 Abarth Zagato For Sale
« on: September 26, 2011, 08:38:01 PM »
A little about my NUMBERS MATCHING 1959 Abarth Double Bubble and refresh a few minds out there. I purchased it 1979 I’m the fifth owner of the car.

The car been restored for the second time in its life once in the mid 1970 and the again starting in 1986 up until last year. The Zagato number is #33 the car has all the original trim work including the bumpers which are not on the car along with the Fiat script badges for the front and back . Only the 4 disk hub caps are reproductions even the spinner are the original to the car. It has the Fiat serial number plate along with the matching numbers engine in a boxes to go along with the sale. With new bearings and pistons for a full rebuild. The car is now power with 850cc. Only the windshield glass is not original to the car.

Not cheap



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