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guy moerenhout:
in this  section I wish to open a discution about the  Polski Fiat group 2   1500   1972
If you have info and wish to give this away in this forum I will be happy and many persons to .I will place here also photos that I find .You can do it mayby to .If you wish to do it in Polisch please do and hope someone will transled
Remimber if whe died all info is away iff whe dont share it
Here you can see the start   blue  polski fiat group 1 car       Rare serie 1 car and only 10000 km

guy moerenhout:
Polisch motorsport leaflet

guy moerenhout:
Polski   Fiat 125p   group 2

Hello Everybody.
My name is Milosz, i' form Poland. I'm owner of Polski Fiat 125p 1500 1972.
This year i was with my car in Scotland - 6000km.
Now i want to build car for Monte Carlo Historic 2013. Car has to be the same in details as car of Robert Mucha who won group in 72.

Now i would like to show some information which i found in polish press from 71.

Below you can find list of modification which according newspaper from this years should be done:
-   1500 OHV with modification made by ALMO BOSATO   with 2x weber carb power approx. 88 – 90 HP
-   KONI shock absorbers
-   Roll over protection
-   Bigger fuel tank up to 80l
-   CIBIE IODE X4 halogen reflectors
-   Oil cooling system (for sure installed in Sobieslaw Zasada car)
-   5 shifts gear box (form which car??? Colotti???)
-   Rear axle (form which car??? )
-   Bigger oil filter unit.
-   Lumel RPM meter
-   Temp oil and water
-   Protection of engine and gear box (don’t know how does it look like)
-   Small steering wheel (don’t know type)
-   Racing sits (would like to find form 70’s)
-   Electric fuel pump
-   Harder rear springs made from 5 pieces
-   Exhaust from fiat 132
-   Battery moved to back of car (not sure if it is true)
-   2 spare wheels

I need to confirm it during meeting with drivers but before wants to know exactly for what should i ask ;-)

Now some photos which i have found in network.


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