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guy moerenhout:
a first serie 1962 car back in our stable ,and with one !!! a old rallycar.
Whe will do some changes and bring him back to the way where he must be =Racing
Mayby with you our me .
When  the car was in our place ,there where sign from old  racing history:maplight,special brake line,rear seats away and protected rear,old tecnical sticker"ted Lapidus 1971" ,swith on dashbord  etc..... All sign from old racing history but I dont now this.Car is from 1962 and was first on no plates in 1991 till 1992.No more history,mayby you now this ???
Some info:
rebuild front rear brake calipters
All brake tube in racing stainless tubes
Body welded
New shock Gabriel
New Pirelli centurato wheels 15 " where on car  now change  with 14" cromodoro Dino wheels
All steeringparts renew by last control
cardanparts like conections new
rearexhaust new
waterpomp change
Electricity controled
and many more what I dont see............

i love these cars...!!!that one in red looks gorgeous.

they are all in red :-)

guy moerenhout:
now  fitted with better old fashion seat and a twin Halda and ready to do some test.
Engine had all 14kg  compresion and turns nice ,seems all rebuild like al other parts

guy moerenhout:
Car is sold to  Holland and will drive back some nice clubrallys


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