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abarth-collection by Hachette


webchef reKupnet:
As my italian is noto so good, I do recognise fine model-cars when I see them.
We want to share this link with you:

Some samples to make your mouth water...

gabriele die cast:
Hi , I'm the father of all the Hachette Abarth models in your pic.  I developed all these models here in Italy and then in China.
This web site is for show the collection exits only : Argox he is a guy who post the pics of each exit in the italian forums about kiosks models collections.
The company who is selling  the models to the publisher will be ready to sell all these from end of this year. You can check in web " newbielink: [nonactive] ".
If you need more info feel you free to ask me.

Hi, since begin this year my collection is compplete from nr 1 to 66. This collection could have been much longer. Unfortunately it ended.


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