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guy moerenhout:
Gamine project now for  sale  price is 2000 euro;two body,one almost complete ,.A second one need to be made  new mouldings  for  doors and grill,In one is a 126 Bis engine .Both are on Fia 126 chassis.I have no time and  did this with a friend but he died .
So project is for sale : 2000 euro our can be change with a car to

guy moerenhout:
take contact .You have two body ,One complete and one 80 .You have to build  second set dorrrs and front grill .Fit on Fiat 500 ,Fiat 126 and Fiat 126 bis


as an owner of two Gamines I would really like to know what happened to this project.

Any answer is highly appreciated.

Many regards


guy moerenhout:
hallo ,this project is sold to GB  ,someone that had  also 2 Gamine .I think it was in good  hands

Good morning Guy,

Thx for your quick reply.

As we are FIAT 500 fans for more than 35 years now (lots of junkyard visits in Italy, 2 trailers full of spare parts still sitting around, a 1957 500N in the entry hall of our house, very active in the German community, now even with my son Tonio ...) there are some questions left:

Did you just sell the two bodies or the molds as well?
If not, do the molds still exist? If they exist, could I get bodies still? Or would you "rent" them for some copies? Or even sell them?

As we would want to start the same project as you did in 2010, is the guy (in non-capital letters) still around, who did the adaption to the 126 chassis (share any experience made)?
Would you trust me enough to make the connection?
Would you please share the contact details for the "new" owner of your two bodies?

If you like, at a time suitable for you, we could have a chat on the phone / skype / GotoMeeting ...

Regards and hope to meet you in the future

Axel and Tonio


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