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Fiat 2300 S coupe Abarth

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guy moerenhout:
a   very good body ,but bad paint .New in for sale .
Seat and interior are new black skai.Mechanic is in good shape .
One is the fantastic coupe ever made .Remember ; 190 km /h and   0 to 100 km in  10, 6 sec. in 1962
Engines where tuned by Abarth
Can you add a picture off the car? The attachment is empty.

guy moerenhout:
Car is  sold to Belguim and stay in home

Very nice car!

And I like grey better then red...

We have to disagree on something, don't we?   :-)

It will be easier to find then between all the red cars
Nice tread to start a discussion.
Witch grey do you mean?
Silvergrey or "grumpey old man grey"



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