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Abarth OT 2000 Video, (car driven on a test track)


I have found this on youtube today. Not sure if it is an original  or a replica as the commentary is in German, i think. Nice to see the car in motion. [nofollow]

If the link dosen't work, go to youtube and search for Abarth OT 2000 and you should find the video


This looks very much like the replica that Guy had for sale a few years ago. I'm no OT2000 expert but it looks very much like the 'standard' fiat 8v twin cam with some nice bits on. Thanks for sharing the link, great to see the car in action!

Cheers, Toby.

The commentary says it differs from an original in that it has less power, but the originals are in exclusive collections so you can't buy one.

Great to see it in action.  Nice car, Guy!!


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