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fiat 2300 S coupe (abarth)


guy moerenhout:
yes ,this is one of best  Fiat 2300 S ever made .A men spend YEARS .......................................and years(+ 20) on the car .Have a look to it.
When the cars drive out OSI the where not build like this on.And remember =its a Abarth  to.
Engines where upreated in Abarth factory

Probably its greatest recommendation was the glowing review by one of the world’s greatest automobile writers and former race driver, the late Paul Frère, in his book My Life With Cars. Paul, who personally owned a 2300S in the mid-1960′s, considered it one of his favorites.

guy moerenhout:
Car can be painted like you wish our you can do it yourself if you buy it (SORRY PAINTED TODAY CORSA RED)
And yes ,this is underside??

guy moerenhout:
all is rebuild our new,seat,interior,brakes exhaust, Nardi steeringwheel etc........
I have found in my stock a original Abarth rear exhaust and will fit this to
Wheels will be the cromodoro 6,5 x14   fiat 130 berline wheels

guy moerenhout:
Abarth exhaust that I find in my stock .Model type  Fiat 1500 L .I find out it was the same like 2300 S rear one


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