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guy moerenhout:
abarth build 3 cars for racing and one for records.
Engine where +- 172 hp with  3 webers 4ODCOE ,special camshaft and exhaust manifold .I think where sthe same setup than in 2200 and 2400.I can copy them and find it our mayby you now someone that had done it.I have find in the Usa one of the  3 cars I think but dont now price yet.Car need also restauration but had his  3 weber setup still on.
I am looking for all info and photos about this cars our mayby other rallys that this cars did .You dont find many info about this in internet our magazines;
This is also the wheel(see the pdf file under photos ) that I am looking for my remake Abarth 2300 S coupe

Probably its greatest recommendation was the glowing review by one of the world’s greatest automobile writers and former race driver, the late Paul Frère, in his book My Life With Cars. Paul, who personally owned a 2300S in the mid-1960′s, considered it one of his favorites.

Last year one friend find one car in one village in Macedonia owner is in Germany he look car in garage and told me i that car  excellent   and ask if is for sale but after one year if he haven't in garage  car is not for sale or owner like some big price ????
some  people from Greece  ask too ...

guy moerenhout:
hillclim in Autosprint 1966 Italy:very good for FIVA paspoort ,proof that 2300 S was driving whitout frontbumper and look to the wheels

guy moerenhout:
from Mauro Bianchi ,I have the  first place in 1963 Innsbruck Race.
with the Fiat 2300 S Corsa  ,in 1962 abarth was winning to with the TC.
In 1963 the Fiat 2300 S corsa  was 5 scratch with  Golderen-Van Kothen in Tour de France

guy moerenhout:
on Ortomobile this year where to Belgian driver from this car;Mauro Bianchi and Pascal Ickx .
There where also Teddy Pilette and Pascal Frére


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