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guy moerenhout:
a very early 1962 model ,like the abarth corsa and record where now in for a remake project.Car will be build up in abarth spirit and very spartan bud if you wish to buy it than whe can build your dream(otherwise it will be my project)
Its was one of my dreamcars and whe will build him.I was very difficult to find a good strong body but now I found one
Also looking for rallyparts for this model our nice 15" wheels .The 14" cromomdora I have already
Lookking for trippel weber setup and exhaustmanifold.If not find I will build it myself

guy moerenhout:
like you see ,only 78000 km on car.Engine is full polished inside so mayby it was a old racing car.Only 2 owner and car was standing like this from 1983
Original color was white with red leather seats
I will make our own triple weber intake manifold ,special camshaft,higher comprestion ,will take of from cilinderhead.Lucky all engines are polished on conrods and drivetrain(head)photo 227

sure a good exhaust and hope car drives well


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