Author Topic: What was the original Abarth air-filter for the 595/695 esseesse  (Read 2719 times)

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Hello you,

I have a question about the air filter of the 595 and 695 with the Solex PBIC carburator.
I want to mount an PBIC-carb to my 500 and want to have it near the original

What kind of air filter inlay is in the air filter pot on top of the cooling-fan housing? There seems to be an about 60mm tube from the carb to the air-filter-housing.
But what is in it? A Filter? Some kind of steel wool?

And: is the kind of tube in the picture original. Or has it to be different? And the joining tube to the carb? is that rubber-tube ok?

can you help me?
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I'm looking for original Abarth parts for my Fiat 500 and Fiat 600 (want to build a derivazione 750).

please email me, if you want to sale... Thank you!

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Re: What was the original Abarth air-filter for the 595/695 esseesse
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 The air filter inside the large housing is likely a basic tall cylinder-shaped paper filter element, like the standard Fiat 500 filter. The tube connecting the air filter housing & the carb was originally a corrugated fiberboard (ribbed cardboard) tube, similar to the smaller tube(s) inside the car under the dashboard used for the front window de-mister air supply.


Jeff Stich
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