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guy moerenhout:
Engine rebuild
gearbox rebuild  ZF and 13/37 diif
Group 4 lights
two Bordelino gr 4  Rallyseats
2 rally saftybelts
Bigger brakes front
small wingextentions gr 3
Fueltank gr 3
Iron safetybrakelines replace with normale for Belguim tech. controle
exhaust rally
glasfiber rearbonnet
bilstein shocks front/rear
special drive lights
Handbrake type hydraulic (option ,replace  now  for Belg. homologation)
Saftety equipment
aluminium wheels 14"
2x Weber 40 DCOE
battery in rear boot

Car  for sale ,ask for  price  our  renting
 Ex Pascal Aimé   France    ready to win some more rallys

guy moerenhout:
car will be fitted with trip ,lights etc and prepareed for nex rally
Car is for sale our can be rented for Monte Carlo Rally our others

guy moerenhout:
whe have also ready snow tyres and wheels
here you can see the car with his sistercar with the big group4 wingextentions on.This can also be fitted and with bigger wheels on the car
This cars was one of best frontdriven cars ever build.Very strong and fast engine
Was entered in Safari rally,RAC Acroplolis and more and use like support cars for stratos

guy moerenhout:
here are still the signs from Monte Carlo Rally.Why not nex time with your name on it
Car have the FIA Regularty pass
Car is for sale our can be rented

guy moerenhout:
more info about Rally Lancia Coupe can be fond here  newbielink: [nonactive]
newbielink: [nonactive]

Big  front brakes  with  ventiled  dixs


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