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guy moerenhout:
car build in the spirit  of factory cars.
Lots of money and time spend to build a strong car made for rally

* welded body
ventilated dix  front
4 calip brake Fr
2X calipter rear  ,one for hydraulic handbrake
Group 4 dashbord
group 4 steeringwheel
Special headlights
Special Cibie toplights
7X13 cromomdora wheels
Special Bilstein shocks
Special springs
Rally Belts
Makrolon windouws side  and rear
Airslip cooling front brakes
Special oilsump
oilcooler in left innerwing
1800 cc engine fitted but also possible a 2000 our even a 
fiat 131 abarth 16 V
Weber 44 IDF carburators
Special group 4 exhaust
Special exhaust collector
Stronger rear suspention
Safety equipment
Copilot featrest
Pilot footrest
Special pedals supports
Brake pedaalbox
Stronger wipherengine and group 4 placing
Bodykit group 4
Big aluminium fueltank
Battery on rear place group 4 type
Fitting for battery charging
And many more
It's for sale like it is or with another engine, as you wish !




guy moerenhout:
Inside photos;engine on this moment a 1800 cc but a 131 Abarth is also possible
Car is for sale our rent.

guy moerenhout:
only missing on it are the 7x13 wheels and ready to go Rally

almost the same , also with red mat and lime, here with the 7 x to drive!

guy moerenhout:
whe must drive again togheter with sistercars .Mayby nex year in Liege Rome Liege ?


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