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124 A block to 1438cc

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Id like some advice on my 1000 ots/124 project...
I have 2 124 "a" blocks, the original is rusted out, and appears to have had 1438 pistons (around 80mm) installed.
I have a spare 1100 block, also 124a, and Im thinking of boring it out to 1438 with my existing pistons.
My question is, are the 1100 and 1438 blocks different?
I believe they have the same stroke, but is it adviceable to bore out a 124a block to 1438, or should I seek out 1300 pistons?
Chris Brown

Well, Iv'e made a decision...
Im gonna run .040" over 1197 pistons in my "A" block, for around 1200cc.
I think it's a good choice for this car, with the 1000cc radiator, and 850 input and half shafts.
It looks like 1300cc pistons are very hard to find, and/or expensive!
1438cc is alot for this block,(the original block had 80mm pistons, and the cylinder walls were as thin as spray cans!) and rings are scarce, on my budget level.
The pistons I bought are new and have rings and wrist pins, for just $70.00!
Im hoping with the re-ground camshaft, 32 dcof, and headwork (smooth out the combustion chambers, mill the head, match ports) I plan to finish, that it will be kinda peaky for around(optimistically!) 75-80hp...
The CR will be about 9 to 1.
This should get me by, while I find an original 1000cc drivetrain.

You *could* also use a Fiat 124 Special motor which is 1438cc.  That is what came in my 1300/124 when I got it.  The engine looks identical and everything bolts right on.  You don't create a 1438cc engine by installing a stroker crank and larger pistons.  I think it is much easier to find parts for the 1438 OHV engine too.   You could even use a 1585cc OHV engine from a 131 if you wanted, and it would look almost the same.  Maybe you could have have been able to find a good used 1438 unit without putting money into the 1197.

You might try contacting Oscar in Texas for info. as he has been restoring a 1000 OTR (or OT?) for a while now.

Gil Nicholls

Well, the pistons were lost by the seller!
Back to square 1...
I'm being told that 80mm pistons shouldn't go into a 1197 block, eventhough that is what the car had when I bought it...
I may take your advice, Zippy, and search out a 1438 block...

Hi Chris,  I have a line on a 1438 engine.  Check your email.



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