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A visit from Evanice today...


Abarth expert Eric took a look at my car today, His knowledge on Fiats is just amazing!
I learned alot about my car today, some wierd facts emerged...
It is pretty early, the window glass says 1966...
The car still has the 850 trans input shaft, it has a 124 pressure plate, with an 850 clutch disc, or a 124 clutch disc was modified to fit the 850 input shaft.
Eric says all the abarth stuff looks right, and the motor might be a 1438, I have a spare 1100 motor, and the bores are quite different!
The crankshaft does in fact look like it was balanced, and the camshaft appears to have been reground!
My car has both a manual, and an electric fuel pump!
The starter is a 12 volt Bosch unit from a Volkswagen.
We think it has the abarth leaf spring mod, and it has a set of red Koni shocks.
Eric was awesome, very encourging, never a critical comment, just a motivating gentleman to have around!
Thanks again, Eric!
Chris Brown

Hi Chris, I enjoyed meeting you and seeing the car today.  I'm enthusiastic for sure but not an Abarth expert, just a guy who likes Fiats and Alfas and has recently gone through exactly one 1300/124.  But there is much to be learned here and in the shop manuals!

I hope you have as much fun sorting your car as I did mine, I look forward to seeing your progress updates.  You are a professional mechanic, so you are miles ahead of the game already.

I sent you a private email with some additional resources.

Best regards,
Eric Van Nice


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