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Im currently researching my 1000OTS coupe, which was converted to 124/1300 power by PBS, and I was lucky enough to talk to one of thier guys, who actually remembers what was done(years ago!) durring the conversion.
He stated, besides the re-bore,and the gear drive, that they usually changed the camshaft to an "A6" grind. Also, they probably balanced the crankshaft, and changed the rod bolts, but not much else for street use.
He also asked me if my car had thier double a-arm front suspension, but mine still has the leaf spring.
I was surprised at the information they had for a 43 year old car with a 40 year old conversion!
I think Im going to keep this car as a124/1300 for the time, at least until the original motor drops itself onto my doorstep!

Does enybody know which typ of clutch, pressureplate and throwoutbearing to use in combination with a PBS belhousing and a OHV engine?

Regards Abarthje

Greg Schmidt's comments about this were:-

Reverse (the Fiat) pressure plate attachment straps, and on 180mm (1197 pushrod) clutches reverse the throw-out-bearing contact-plate straps.
Also if 200 or 215mm clutch is fitted, a Toyota Corolla 1200 throw-out-bearing must be used with long with the special PBS adapter sleeve (easy to machine one on a lathe if you don't have one. Use standard clutch disc and flywheel to match your pressure plate- (Note : flywheel ring gear has different number of teeth for number of teeth for pushrod and twin cam engines. Use proper flywheel to suit the bell housing with your kit.)   

ref:  Greg Schmidt’s Fiat and Abarth Tricks Ed 5 1984  page 64

Hope this helps.

Hey Trevor,

thx for the info. My flywheel and clutch (215mm) are to big for the belhousing, i have the small type OHV-belhousing.
So i need to find a 124 ohv flywheel and clutch 180 or 200mm. (i didn't know the ohv flywheel was smaler) and a bosch beetle starter tot make it work.

do you know a partnumber voor the starter, the starters i coud find turned counter-clockwise en therefore the wrong way for a counter-clockwise engine!

Best Regards Abarthje

I need a flywheel for my 124 OHV engine tot fit the PBS-bellhousing.

I have a 131-flywheel witch is to big (29.5cm) and a Seat 1430 flywheel witch is to small (26.5cm).

Does anyone have a flywheel with a diameter of aprox. 28 cm??

Wich car can i use??
124-spider twincam or Seat 124 or Lada 2101 or maybe FSO???


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