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Alfa Romeo Matta AR 51 ( 1000 Miglia 1952)


guy moerenhout:
this is a very rare Alfa  build not so many pieces I was buying this in head maby to do Mille Miglia .Yes this 4X4 type was winning his class .Engine is a 75 HP famous twincam(same like in 1900 SS)and can be made to more HP if wish (car need rebuilding and you can buy it like it is our rally /race ready
Lot of body work ,but it will be sorrry that whe only sale the engine for a special Alfa Romeo.
Only 2007 cars where build
Carlo Abarth use this engine also in some records cars and on some Special Road Luxe car

right, there was a military class in the MM

here s the alfa:

guy moerenhout:
sold to Belguim ,will be restored


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