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128 3p Rally Car
« on: October 10, 2010, 01:15:41 PM »
I've finally started rebuilding my 3p and am planning to turn it into an historic (old-timer) stage rally car. Regulations say I can modify various parts so long as this was done "in period", also I need to provide proof that these were done (preferably photographic). Is there anyone out there who rallied, serviced, knew of one of these and remembers the modifications?
I would like to know if I can modify the engine, if so, what carbs, cams etc could I use.
Gearbox-close ratio, limited slip diff?
Bodywork - eg, front and rear spoilers, wheel arch extensions?
Interior trim-can I strip out all of the trim, headlining etc.
I would be most grateful for any replies, many thanks.