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guy moerenhout:
two of the fasted drivers in modern cars were in our place to test some cars...

Fiat 125 ritmo abarth group A for  Fast Freddy          Freddy Loix  ! ( confirmed┬░)

Fiat 124 Abarth gr 3     for  Fran├žois  Duval   ( confirmed)

Fiat 131 Abarth Rally  .guy moerenhout/filip de munck will drive the Classic serie 5?????)

Lancia Monte Carlo      J.P vandewauwer/?                 will drive the 80 km/h

 Belgium Television Team  RTBF     Wery/G.Briar (old winner Boucle de Spa)     Fiat 124 Abarth (Powerplus)

fiat 131 Rally  Powerplus(olio Fiat) Didi-Lary Cols           (old winners) SO car=openers
 Maybe in Spa Legends with it ? you never now ...

MORE than 325 starters will drive this rally that is very difficult.

guy moerenhout:
ritmo update

guy moerenhout:
abarth squadra storico  for Spa Legends
Spa (town)you can have rain our dry
In the hills you can have ice;rain,our snow
In the wood ,gravel(heavy),stone,snow and tarmac
And some times all the time snow
What tyres you will drive ???????

guy moerenhout:
with there Deco on

guy moerenhout:
on the 131 abarth I have fiited the group 4 suspention and Unigom Snowtyres .Ready to attack the Spa grounds


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