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guy moerenhout:
I received this info long time ago but with update my forum I found this back . Maybe you can give more info...

guy moerenhout:
Siata abarth 750

So very, very WRONG on so many levels! FAKE. The person who put this car together should be flogged. ;)

guy moerenhout:
show than the right Siata Abarth.You dont find many info from it.


--- Quote from: guy moerenhout on October 14, 2009, 08:26:55 am ---show than the right Siata Abarth. You dont find many info from it.

--- End quote ---

 To begin with, the first 2 photos you posted above are of an Abarth 750 Berlina that sold on eBay awhile back. This very same car is also featured on the "Car Gallery" page of my 750 Berlina website . Fellow forum member Michael Lemus came across the car before it was for sale, & took photos of the car when it was still in an old shed covered with dust & cobwebs. This car has absolutely nothing to do with a Siata Abarth 750, nor is it related at all to the car shown in the rest of your photos.

 As for the car in the rest of the photos...A REAL Siata Abarth 750 Berlina would not be built on a late 600D/600E style chassis with standard front-hinged (non-suicide) doors like the car you've shown is, and it would not have an Abarth 750 front grille/emblem on the nose or Abarth swallow-winged emblem on the hood. It would also not have a Fiat 850-style coolant overflow plastic tank (fitted in standard location as on 600E/R & Seat/Zastava 600's, I believe?), nor 850TC type 3-leg fixed decklid props, nor a 600D/E type dashboard fitted with an 850TC style gauge unit, nor a 600D/E engine lid or taillights - none of these things even existed yet when the Siata Abarth 750's were made! I won't mention the A112 engine in it...ok, yes I will. :) It would have a special-made Fiat 600-based 735cc engine featuring a 60mm bore x 65mm stroke, 7.7:1 compression, 31hp with a rev limit of 5000rpm's and a top speed of 71mph.

  A Siata Abarth 750 Berlina would only be built on a 1959-1961 chassis, because the Siata-Abarth working relationship only lasted those three years (began in 1959, ended in 1961). The Siata Abarth 750 cars were produced in 4 different models; A 4-seater CoupĂ©, a Roadster, a Berlina & a Multipla variant. Here is a photo of the 4 of them together on the Siata stand at the 1959 Torino Salone, along with close-ups of the CoupĂ© & the Roadster.


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