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Abarth Simca 1300 Corsa photoshots


guy moerenhout:
A good place to have it :Carlo's Bar

guy moerenhout:
I have find many photos from this car in red with bleu/white strip but with removing paint whe find in the front light holes yellow paint.Because there was a hole in story for 1962 mayby this car was use for the belguim drivers by abarth.First plate in logbook (still original Italian with car) see 1963 no plate.This car was taken by Spark for his new Abarth Simca 1300 models (XPO)

I have one original engine Abarth 1300 Corsa and this is possible to buy with the car our with our red one

guy moerenhout:
Engine  now inside is  a brand new Fiat PBS twincam engine  build  for  turning  left
Horse power  will be arround the same like the  abarth  1300   so +- 130 HP
Gearbox is  original abarth  4 speed
Brake  are  dixs  front  rear
PBS  was  a USA  tuner  famous  for his Fiat  engines

Wow, get tears in my eyes, when I see this one!-) Marvelous little beast!-]


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