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guy moerenhout:
what I can prepose for FIVA:You wish to drive one off the nex  Factory our lookelike(replika ) factory cars take contact with us for making your dreams working out:
Fiat 2300 S  coupe    3 cars but possible to have bigger team (5)
Fiat 131 Abarth gr 3  and gr 4
Fiat 124 Abarth gr 3 and gr 4
Fiat Ritmo 125  Abarth  gr N and Gr A
Fiat ritmo  130 Abarth   gr N  and remake totip gr A
Fiat Ritmo 75 gr 2
Fiat 125 S group 1 and group 2
Abarth 030(remake)
Lancia 1800 coupe gr 4
Lancia HPE   coupe gr N
Lancia Monte Carlo gr 4 (remake)FIVA
FSO Polonez 2000 gr 2
Polski Fiat 125p      gr 2  1600
FSO   fiat 125P     1600
Lada 1600 gr 2
Lada  1500 S   gr 1 our gr 2
This  will be with delivy and service.Also possible pilot our copilot for events .Cars are original our remake in aspects from original with many factoryparts  parts our engines.
You wish to drive one(FIVA) of famous Belguim Demo rallly our Monte Carlo Rally our Safari and you have the budget you can contact us and whe can speak togheter and find the way you can do it .If not you can see always our fantastic collection of rallycars and drink a good belguim beer our a abarth wine with us



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