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guy moerenhout:
I received some demands for renting rallycars for pre-1972 rallies like Tulpenrally, Liege-Rome-Liege, Monte Carlo (limited starting places), Safari Rally Kenia, ...

So I reserved some of my stronger/special cars for renting.


For example:

* When you have a problem to enter your car at the Monte Carlo-rally,
rent our rare Lada 1500 S and you have much more chance that the organisers will welcome you to participate.
* You wish to rent a car to place your 100 maps inside for Tulip rally ? Rent a Fiat 125 S.
* Just want to have a faster car, with short diff,, limited slip, group 2 or group 4, with or without service....
You name it, we'll make you an offer !

Service can include delivery at the start of the rally, hotel-arrangements, ...
Or even a driver or co-driver.

Send your demands in time!
Better is  even to stop by at the abarth-works museum to discuss your wishes and budget.
I'm sure we we'll be able to work something out.

Send a mail to newbielink:mailto:guy@abarth-gmr.be [nonactive] to discuss your plans !

guy moerenhout:
 Fiat 125 S    1969       2 x
  Fiat Polski 125p (4X)   1973/1980

Lada 1500 S  1973
Lada 2101    1600  cc   gr 2  remake
Lada VFTS    real thing
Lada 1300 Break

guy moerenhout:
new in our stable:
Fiat 2300 S coupe (3x)   from  stradale till rallycars

FIAT RITMO 125 ABARTH   Recaro's    Black  special engine
Fiat ritmo 125  abarth  gr A    EX LOIX
Fiat ritmo  125 Abarth  Recaro seats

Fiat  124 Abarth full gr 4(remake)  Factory red/yellow green colors
Fiat   124 Abarth gr 3   FIVA  ready
Fiat   124 Abarth gr 4 serie gr 4 (remake serie 1)EX DUVAL

Fiat   131 Abarth Rally
Fiat    131 Abarth Rally  gr 4  stradale
Fiat    131 Rally volumex group 4 body

Lancia Beta coupe 1800   1975  full rally ex Monte Carlo Rally (3x) EX Pascal Aimé
Lancia Beta coupe  1800   1975
Lancia Beta coupe Volumetrico  Black  ex  Fiat factory press car
Lancia Beta Berlina  1600   like Jollyclub rallyteam

Lancia A112 Abarth  prototipo  remake
Lancia A 112 Abarth FIva  rally

Lancia Delta 4 WD  gr N      stradale
Lancia Delta  Integrale 8 V  stradale

Fiat 242  old service  Van Olio Fiat  colors
Fiat 242   old service  Van Lancia Alitalia  colors

Fiat 1100/103    Berlina  ideal Mille Miglia

Lancia O30 remake   ,only  show

guy moerenhout:
Fiat 2300 S coupe  Abarth  FIVA rallycars

fiat 2300 S coupe (severals ,possible for teams) with services ,copilote ,pilote etc...


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