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Fiat 242 diesel service van


guy moerenhout:
on the end whe find one ,and what 16000 real km .Look inside a real beauty .Fast to .Now painting our in Oliofiat(powerplus) our Fiat Abarth  but I dont find photos from the last one.Look a spare tyre,still new.In the begin I was not believing this but phots speak from the selve

guy moerenhout:
now there is a fleet from 3  ;The green one will become Alitalia,Red will be Lancia Racing,Blue ?   Also thanks to Pascal De Bruycker for his nice photos,the will help

guy moerenhout:
stil looking for good photos from the service car Oliofiat type our Fiat Abarth
I have now already :
 fiat 242
 Fiat 131 stationcar
 fiat 132
 fiat 238

guy moerenhout:
update today,and test stickering


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