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Fiat 131 Abarth Diesel (remake)London Sydny Rally


guy moerenhout:
today whe start the work to build from a almost new 4 doors(supermirafiori) to make a 2 doors  rallycar like in the London Sydny Rally .
Here photos from the original car that was  sold by Bonhams
One other car is in Spain

guy moerenhout:
like it must come,our close.front polyester wings ,rear gr 2 wingextentions ,group 4 dashbord ,131 stradale front seats ,rollcage and 7x15 abarth wheels

guy moerenhout:
thanks to mr Robert Neyret (driver ,owner and saler from the original winner off London Sydny Rally diesel Class)I have a photo from inside off the car  and look it dont have a stradale one but a group 4 .So it will come also in my car and I have a set seats Stradale for sale.Also the original car is for sale if you have 100000 euro to spend

here  you can see team Christene Dacremont  car

The teams
Robert Neyret / Marianne Hoepfner
Giancarlo Baghetti / Tommaso Carletti
Christine Dacremont / Yveline Vanoni

guy moerenhout:
update ,painting and strips will come
3 photo is my car
There are already more than 3000 km done whit is  and this whitout problems
And yes its for hire

Here  some more photos from original cars  ;one is in Italy before cars go to France for Cibie's  lights  fitting


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