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Fiat 131 Abarth group 4 ,testdrive


guy moerenhout:
today whe dit our first testdrive en WOW ,it goos back in his glory .Here some update and detail photos.For me it one of most original cars that I now .Even seats are the original Abarth seats whitout new cover

guy moerenhout:
Now whe are in contact with persone that was bringing the car by plain to the US.Not only Munari have driven the car but the told me that it was the ex Bettega car .After some rally the car was sold to US .First rally was normale the Baja and some gravel rally but Baja never happen .

guy moerenhout:
After the US the car goos to Peru with a Americain owner Henry Bradley ,3 times winner of Rally of Peru.After this the car was stored for 20 years and now lucky here


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