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guy moerenhout:
this model come togheter with the 1800 ,volumex ,beta berline,HPE and the monte carlo in one line in our museum because the connection with Fiat engine.Many of the are rusted away but all off this are in good shape and  for sale . Ask for info

hello all,

does anyone know if the ritmo 130 manifold with the two DCOE's would fit the lancia beta 2000 enginge ? i know i would have to move the radiator a bit forward. ..if no, where to get a manifold for horizontals from?  should go into this car:

guy moerenhout:
It will fit but carburators are not on good angel.You can let made aluminium parts for it.Otherwise you must buy the Guy Croft intake manifold

thanks for info, i have asked guy croft, the item is discontinued. i will have adaptors made then to have the carbs flat...
PS. we have been accepted at the monte carlo 2010 with the car......

guy moerenhout:
mayby you can made a second set for me to .THe 130 TC intake is very short .


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