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fiat 124 ST rally car for sale

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guy moerenhout:
this car is ideal for a beginner .Very strong and safe.2000 cc engine,5 speed (need work on 4 gear),rollcage,two rallyseats,safetybelts ,wing a bit wider,7x13 wheels,dixs front and rear and more.You can do a new painting our leave it like is and buy him here for 6500 euro and do  some rallys with it.Its a special car with austria papers so caled Fiat Steyr 124 ST(1600)

any pictures somewhere?  is the 2000 cc okay in this car FIA?

guy moerenhout:
a 1600 st with a 2000 cc engine will be not good for FIA (iff the see it that it is a 2000 cc)our you must build yourself a SEAT 1430   (2000cc) from it


it's a 124 spider or coupe?

it is certainly more something like this:


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