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guy moerenhout:
I have tray already to bring some abarth clubs toghter but du some !!!!!! its difficult.So I hope the some members give this to others that come not on this forum(how is this possible)I have recive now from some clubs the answer that the will be there with some members .Take care I dont organise this but I find that when you do this work you must have some return.I will help Mr Pont and I hope others like CRAC will recive also the repons that is normale for doying a meeting like this

Carlo Abarth Foundation (will have a stand)
La Fortuna (belgio-holland)
124 abarth register(international-Sebastian Zeitz)
Amical A112 (france)
Fiat Belgio
abarth squadra storica(will make Belguim Beer Cafe before Chateau -castle)

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please send this info to the other clubs,mayby Michel Pont did not

i will forward to the 70 members of SWISS HISTORIC RACING TEAM..

guy moerenhout:
here some more info

guy moerenhout:
you dont need to send a cheque .You can pay cash when arrive but fill in papers and send back

Hello Guy,

This is good news!!



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