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This car after few months .... 124g4 for MC


guy moerenhout:
On photos still this same car after sandblasting, ground painting, new suspension, special shock etc etc - and also now with 16v engine ...

Hi Guy, I am trying to educate myself a bit on gr4 alterations for 131 and 124's. In the pictures for this MC car, do we see original strengthening of the body? I see some double plating, but not to much around the sills. But it is difficult to see, though. I was very impressed by seeing the strenghtening in the engine bay of the polski 124. This is also an ex 16v works car, right?


guy moerenhout:
sorry ,no this car was a groep 3 rally =special body ,stronger point etc made be factory for B rally teams and special orders (No stradale)

Ahh, so it was built for privateers and the strengthening is there. Did they also make gr3's with a 16v originally?

guy moerenhout:
all 124 start there live like a normale 124  ;then the car when to special line for  stradale 124 abarth ,some for gr 3  after some first serie  gr ' with 8V  ,after serie 2 with 16v (small head) +- 1975 .In 1976 one was driving with a 16 V  big head 131 type in Monte Carlo rally .See al this info in GMR Magazine in forum


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