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fiat 125 S (prototipo ? ex Paul Frére Abarth driver )


guy moerenhout:
the car arrive today in our museum and again its a special car.It have a special set of two doublel webers 40IDF on it but on the airfilter you see that it is a factory made one not the one like on the 124 coupe was fitted.Car have 35000 km on kmcounter and have first paint that looks like the factory grey from the 1000 TC car.Ch no is 125B....Filter looks like a stratos on and look also on the parts taken out for easy remove the cooler filler top.Engine have a cooling fan and not the fan on waterpomp

guy moerenhout:
Like you can see it have the homlogated distributor(group 2) already on the exhaust cam.The where also homolgated 5 ,5 1/2 and 6X13 wheels in gr 2 .So whe will see what I will fit .Now looking for the right periodic rallyseats (?) a Halda,periodic suplyment lights(?) 1970 and back in the rallys. Mayby you have some photos from first 125 rally cars  .The where also in Safari rally(5 our 6 place )and in Monte Carlo Rally.I have fitted the car with 7x13 cromodoro (remakes) and 185/70x13 to be good for FIVA rules(serie 70 tyres)

cool car!! bonne trouvaille.

guy moerenhout:
thanks Peter on this moment I did nothing on it .I recive it like it is and I dont whis to do many on it  only some details and I LIKE IT,in frensch the say "dans son jus" I can not translet this mayby you ?


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