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fiat 131 abarth group 4 ex factory info needed and update info


guy moerenhout:
I recive this yesterday and wish to place it here ,also I am looking for more info about this fantastic car .Mayby you can help to:Thank you for your message.  I was once the co-driver for Dan Goodwin and I also maintained the 131 shown in your photo 153 on your web site.  The photo shows Sandro Munari at the wheel and it was photographed in southern California.  Are you saying that you have acquired this car? 
If you actually have this car, it would be an interesting part of rally history.  It truly was a factory car which had been used on several rallies in the World Rally Championship.  Fiat USA purchased the car in used condition where it was prepared in the ASA factory as if for a gravel event.  I picked up this car personally at the factory and shipped the car by air to New York and eventually to California.  It was used to contest the United States national championship in 1979.  After the close of the season it was sold to a customer in Peru. 
I have a number of pictures of this car, although I will have to look for them. 
I am also interested in how you have reached me with reference to this car.
You have a fabulous museum.  Thank you for your work.

guy moerenhout:
from Ron Clyborn:Many thanks for the memories. You have the remaining car but in 1979 and or
1980 both the original factory works cars were campaigned for one or maybe
two seasons (or a partial season)  in the USA by FIAT of North America in
the SCCA Pro rally series. I purchased both cars (+ a trailer load of spares
& parts) in 1981 from Fiat of North America. I made some changes to the cars
(suspension etc) and campaigned one or the other car  for one season in the
SCCA Pro rally series. Due to our commitment in various OFF ROAD racing
series ( Baja 1000, Mint 400 etc.) and a lack of sponsorship in SCCA Pro
Rally, I sold the cars in 1982 or '83 to an rally privateer from South
America who may have been Bradley but quite frankly my team manager handled
the transaction and I do not recall if Bradley was indeed the buyer.

guy moerenhout:
The drivers of your 131 when Fiat USA owned the cars were two teams, Danny Goodwin (Driver) and Ginny Reese (Co-Driver) and the second team was Jim Walker (Driver) and Rod Sorenson (Co-Driver).  If you would like I can get the emails of maybe a couple of them. Rod Sorenson is still active but we have not heard of Danny or Jim in the  sport for quite some time.

FIAT 131 ABARTH  ch no   131 AR0385549


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