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article en "Odyssee 91" dd. janvier 2009


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In the BFG-club-magazine was this article about another car-engine powered motorcycle: the shifty .
The abarth-version of this 127 Seat/Fiat engine had 70 Horsepower. Not bad for an eighties bike.

You could buy the empty motorbike-frame and "shift" your engine from your car to your bike, if weather permitted !

webchef reKupnet:
On the net there is some info on a 2003-forum:

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Hello My name is richard I own a 1980 Motor Shifty 900 built in Italy I am 55 have been into motor bikes all my life, But this shifty is the only one I have ever seen I had it to the Cleveland classic and vintage show in the summer and out of 2,ooo plus people at the show only three people new what it was and nobody had ever seen one. Is it possible that one of your teem have any information on it I do hope you can help I have sent a photo to see if that helps. thank you Richard.
I know what it is!!!
Do I get a prize?
I've got an old Road Bike partwork from approx. 1980, which has a roadtest and review of the Shifty (then new) together with some basic service and tech. data. I'd be happy to photocopy it and pass it along.


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