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1969 1300/124 Replica


In the beginning...., a pretty good Fiat 850 Sport Coupe, Serie II body from Sweden.  VIN 295401, first time registered 23. oct 1969.  The start of my new project to build a Fiat Abarth 1300/124 replica, probably the only one in Norway and Scandinavia.

I'm in need of all good help, hints and tips to make this project sucessful!  The engine is a 1585 cc anticw 124B3, a PBY bellhous and the 850 gearbox.  Rear disc brakes from a Fiat Uno Turbo.

For a start - can anyone give me the mesurements for the cross bar engine mount?  What sort of tubing, overall size, wall thickness - and the internal mesuremensts for left and right engine mounts, and the battery-mount.

Hopefully I can bring photos as the work moves foreward ..!!

Hi vetlenorge,

Looks like a good start for a fun project.  That 1585 pushrod 124 should be a good engine choice.  I'll get you a diagram and some measurements of the engine crossmember when my car comes back home from body and paint shop, but that will likely be a couple more months.  What are your plans for interior, exterior, suspension, brakes etc?

Best regards,
Eric Van Nice
San Diego

Hello Eric

I'm looking forward to get the mesurements.

I hope to get the car as close to the original as possible.  White outside with red striping.  The project car was disassembled in 1980 - most of the parts was wrapped in swedish newspapers at the time.  Black interior... it should probably be red - in very good condition.

Original rear suspension, but maybe I can use the Uno Turbo disc brakes. The front suspension will be the lowered Abarth front transverse spring - about 40 mm lower than original, and the original Fiat discs.

I've got som parts from Guy Moerenhout Racing in Belgium - the front grill for the Series II.  Stainless steel and looks great.  Got some 6x13" rims from Italy - not originals but quite nice.

I also need to know the size of the coolant tubings.

best regards

guy moerenhout:
tray to find the book "fiat abarth  tricks"    by greg smidt.Most info is inside .Very good book .You will find sure a original ( I have no1707)

Thanks Guy - now I've found the book.  It gives me a lot of information !

Best regards


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