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guy moerenhout:
I recive the car and find many adapions .Engine sit 3 cm higher than normale so gearbox will not go direct in .Special support for protection ,no rust and  only inneed of cleaning and some oil leaking .You see the original stradale body kit from Fiat Abarth ,nice.Hopr it drives like it looks .See the engine support ;iron part in it so that it can not bend !!!!

guy moerenhout:
the car was driving undertheb Shopping Fiat colors and was paint after in the red color .Have +-40000 km

guy moerenhout:
On the car whe find out that the radiator fitting where broken so whe toke another 131 radiator but find out that the old one was 1cm wider and 5 cm higher.Whe look to the seats and under the chassis the where two more bares for making it stronger.More strange was under the car :it had double chassis arms !!!! .a second one was welded over like the fiat 124 GR 4 ones.

it's still for sale?
Can you post some photo?

guy moerenhout:


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