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guy moerenhout:
yes boys ,I have more info about it and its one off best body that I have seen .Ex Factory Torino Press car,Who can be have sit in it.The body is complete welded ,seat are the real Recaro .Dashbord like new .No rust to see and only some small parts missing .This its really for the Fiat 124 Abarth freaks the heaven.Now the respray ,complete our leave the bleu ,blue to proof his story .Old no plate was     HO4938 TO     mayby you have some info our photos from him ?

guy moerenhout:
After some time the car whent to Fiat Belgio and sold to journalist and now he is from me.

hey guy,

the car makes a good impression. i would clean the blue areas with a polish to see if the blue areas are so good, as you believe and after that i would decide to respray the full car in powder blue or only the red areas BUT generally i prefer to keep the original blue colour and respray only the red areas in powder blue.

be careful when you choose the powder blue that it's the same colour as it has original ;-)


guy moerenhout:
yes ,I am agreed with you and keeping original blue like it is .Still looking for the original no off color .;azzuro blue

guy moerenhout:
And more good news ,with the parts was also the original engine 132/400  but in parts .Whe will now complete the car like it was before


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