Author Topic: ABARTH CITROEN TRACTION AVANT manifold at Brad Nauss Automotive in Mechanicsburg  (Read 2594 times)

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As your interim-webchef (since Pawel left), I became quite interested in the world of Carlo Abarth.
I have the privilege to work close with Guy and watch all those interesting cars come in & out of the museum.
And it amazes me each time when there is a link with other brands then Fiat.

As I am also a Citroën-fanatic ( -> ) my attention got caught when this message showed op on the 2CV-mailing-list.
I qoute:

--- In, "Cliff Bisch" <tinsnail1@...> wrote:
> I saw the manifold in 1988, sitting on the floor of Red's office. It was a
> cast aluminum intake manifold, with two standard Traction carbs sitting on
> it. The word "Abarth" was on the outside passenger surface. He wanted $750
> for it back then. I have always been an Abarth fan, so I found it very
> interesting.
> All of Red's possessions were auctioned off, so I have no idea where it
> went. It might be possible to track through the auction house. I think the
> San Francisco Citroen club has a webpage about the auction....
> Cliff

On Sat, Nov 8, 2008 at 6:00 PM, chapron67 <> wrote:
I believe Brad Nauss has this manifold for sale currently.
Greg Long

"The manifold seems to be at Brad Nauss Automotive in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. He is a relative of Red Dellinger...

Is there anyone on this forum from that area?

And/or even more inmportant:
Does anybody knows if this was a part specificly designed for Citroën Traction by Carlo Abarth, or merely a coincidental fit?

PS: I've touched this subject already in a topic on the calendar;
as I would love to see an Abarth-Traction on my meeting in May 2009!
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Hello Citroen 11CV friends,
I´ve found no informations in my old ABARTH-catalogues something about an ABARTH-intake-manifold for an Citroen 11CV. But, may be that ABARTH has casted such an manifold. There is offered in Gemany an Rosengart Roadstar, built in 1936 on an chassis from an 11CV, motor 11D with an ID19 cylinderhead an Stromberg double-carburator.   

Best regards from Germany

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Reply by J.-J.:
Idon't know this Abarth - citroen manifold, but it seams realistic,
because Abarth officine had manufactured many sports parts for several
cars brand (exhaust, manifold, wheels, plugs, springs etc;) But all
these parts are rarest and very difficult to found... whith some lucky
search !
I shall purchase but without big hope.
Best regards
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I've tracked the manifold down to the all-but-one-last-owner, Brad Nauss.
He just sold the part to an anonymous buyer:
Sent: Monday, November 10, 2008 3:51 PM
Subject: Re: Abarth twin-carb intak...
Dear Erwin,
the twin carb set HAS already been sold
I would ask that the only information from me that would be given on the forum, is that I purchased the set at the auction, and it was sold to the first person who saw the ad in the club newsletter.
I will forward your information to the person who is purchasing these.  it will be up to him to disclose any more information.
IF you find out more information, as a Citroen collector I would love to know what you find out about its history.....and would forward that to the new owner also.
best wishes,  Brad Nauss
Now we only have to hope that the new owner will take contact, sooner or later...
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