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Beta Montecarlo Rally car - Telaio 300/301


Hi Guy,

Do you have more information on the Lancia Beta Montecarlo as built by the factory for Rallying. I have several books on the Montecarlo & Scorpion but I have found only one reference in the Cometta-Pozzi book (and no pictures of the factory cars).

In that book they say that 5,638 cars were built as pat of the first series of cars which they specifically say included 2 cars "Vetture Rally"  with the series numbers of 000300 and 000301.

In this forum I see you talk about homologation papers for the Montecarlo - do you think this refers to the same cars ?

I would like to have a copy of these papers (electronic scan is OK). Do you sell copies of these homologation papers ?

Can you also point me to where I can find pictures of these factory rally cars.

cstorry at gmail dot com

guy moerenhout:
hallo Chuck ,I now even one ex rally car for sale .It have injektion engine and even single round lights like the Scorpione .It was driven by Jollyclub .Now for sale 49500 euro .Will see that I find some photo but I dont now ch no .


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