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Allemano 850 Scorpione


Hello, I'm new to the forum. I'm thinking of buying a 850 Allemano Scorpione, but I have found very little information about this car. Can anyone help please?

According to Abarth: the Man and the Machines, (p164) the car was produced to provide a sporting coupe that was of better build quality and drove more quietly than the 750 Zagato, which was an alloy bodied car.  It was designed by Michelotti, built  by Allemano on the Fiat 600 chassis, and was introduced at the Turin Auto Show in 1959. Weight was 600kg and top speed was 160kph, with a 4.56:1 axle ratio.  Engine was a Fiat 600-based unit enlarged to 847cc and produced 57hp at 6500 rpm.

What kind of engine is in it now?  I am a little confused regarding whether the Fiat 600 engine was ever enlarged to 850 or whether it was only the 600D engine that was. I thought it was the 600D, so I'm not sure how Abar'th would have made an 850 engine in 1959, since the 600D didn't come out until late summer 1960.

This is quite a rare car, I believe. You should buy it if it appeals to you and the price is realistic.


guy moerenhout:
hallo all,this allemano is a nice roadcar.Most come from USA .Mr Pont had even a 1960 allemano 1000( +-6 made) .I did the restoraion from it .Now I work on a very rare right hand  drive (ex south afrika ,I think) 850 cc.The build the cars even after 1960 in argentina like cisitalia abarth  ,see in this forum .All  body where in Iron even doors.Strange is that this car have the pre 1958 scorpione instrument but remember what I say:There is NO abarth the same

Thank you both, I'll keep you updated on what I decide to do




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