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paint Scheme for 131 rally cars


While I am searching for original painting scheme surfing the net, this one for 131 Abarth catch my eye, came from some Japanese site...just great colors.
So again if someone got any original painting scheme for 131 racing GR 2 do not hesitate to post..
Otherwise I will use this fantastic one for sure !

guy moerenhout:
this colors are 4 Rombi.Cars most made by VOLTA  for Fiat dealers near Veneto(Italy)There where also Fiat RITMO in this colors

can you supply me with a full list of parts for a 131 abarth,for example, wheel arches font bonnet,boot spoiler roof spoiler,front splitter,and of course the prices. many thanks madpaddy

guy moerenhout:
good morning Madpaddy,if you go to indexpage and section Parts: open 131 place and you find al

thanks new to your site and well take a bit of time to get around it to be sure.thanks again


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