Author Topic: Does anyone know what size K&N filters fit on a Fiat 124 IDF 124 spider ?  (Read 1562 times)

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Does anyone know what is the biggest height K&N air filter you can fit on a Fiat 124 spider to suit weber IDF (downdraught) carburettors ? My bonnet has speed 'lumps' like a BS1/CSA not early AS.
 Thanks for your input.
  Grant Gauld

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Hello Grant,
There is nothing mentioned on the K&N-site for the 124 spider, but you can always measure your carburettor-inlet and the free space you have around.
Then go to this page and find a filter that suits your needs:

Let us know what you find!
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hello everybody,

i was also thinking about the height of the filters. i used meanwhile two versions: sprintfilter from italy and itg from england, see attached pictures - i think that is the maximum to use without problems with the bonnet. the height of the sprintfilter was 65mm, i think and the height of the itg-filter was 90mm (i can measure it again, when someone is interested).


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Thanks webchef,i did the same as you did.I was wanting to buy the filters in adavance of fitting the carbs.

Sebastian,Your pics are what i was looking for.I am wanting the tallest K&N filters,naturally.I have read 65 mm was the height and thats where i will start.Guy Crofts book has a pic with K&Ns that look taller.If taller than 65mm is possible i will post my findings.Many thanks,Grant Gauld