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Mille Miglia :here is the car for it :Fiat 1100 TV coupe Pininfarina


guy moerenhout:
the make 700 from this :1100 cc engine some like this have a Stanguellini engine in it .Now ready to convert back in rally car .With this model the drive Mille Miglia,Liege Rome Liege and almost all famous rally and hillclims.It have a aluminium oilsump and big doubbele carburator.I have found a special exhaust for it so it will have nice old sound .You can buy it and use for all use and will be different from all with his shinny black color.This car is from 1954 and the where build till 1956.I am looking for old photos from this model in rally/race trim .Can you believe that this is no 5 that I find in Belguim ?

guy moerenhout:
fiat 1100  TV coupe Pininfarina was a special car ,not only because it was build and sold via Pininfarina on a 1100 TV (turismo veloce) so not so many persons now the car and you see them not on the road ,only in rally and hillclim.Fiat use them for Lady Drivers in rally because off special shape .It for sale and you can drive Mille Miglia  with it

guy moerenhout:
for  sale now :price SOLD .Take part with this in Mille Miglia 2010

guy moerenhout:
remember ,whe have tp ad only 0,50 liter oil in the car .For rest only fuel,no problemes


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