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guy moerenhout:
this is the first one to come ,base is a newer body , rollcage (not FIA)  now already the wings group 2 on .Special shocks ,rallyseats and the look .I  like it .
Now fiited with a 2 liter fiat, 2 weber  carburators,Fiat 5 speed
Special shocks ,ATS big wheels
Still  works to do al depend what you wish to do with the  car FIA  our FIVA

Hi I am Damian from Poland. I have some idea about the Rally FSO Polonez and I know that the car that you are not reconstructed Polonez Group 2 rally For paint and decals, and bumper cars are not the same as in Polonez were in Group 2 Paint and bumper stickers, and correspond to Group B rally FSO Polonez.
This is the Polonez in Group 2 rally:

Car Group II/IV interior

And this is the Polonez in Group 4 rally

While this is the Polonez of the Group B Rally
In the first edition exterior color, year 1984/1985:

color of the car in the year 1985/1987

Rally Polonez in Castrol colors. Yellow paint, dark-green striped side.

interior group B replica

more photo Group B Polonez in net or replica: newbielink: [nonactive]

Hello, I know is a while from the post was made, but maybe you know is there some in Belgium a polonez racers?
 Im from poland and im working now in belgium with small buisness and I have one of the greatest car ever made - polonez. If you have some information please contact me via PM
- thx

guy moerenhout:
hallo ,if you wish to see them you have to visit our place:
Polonez 2000
125 p      group 2
125p       group 1
125p    Monte Carlo rally 1600 cc
125p  rallyservice  Kombi
125p  circuit
126 p   Rally Fiat Abarth
Nysa rally service
242 rallyservice
Fiat 124 Abarth group 4 ex Polski Fiat factory

Ok ???

Thanks for the invitation.I will definitely visit your museum. I need to see a rally polonaise and Lancia Stratos OBRSO ;)
FSO Sport Rally Team videos:
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