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INFO WANTED: Abarth 750 Berlina

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 I am looking for the following information about the early Abarth 750 Berlina (Sedan/Saloon), maybe you know at least a few answers to these questions?

1. What was the full trim package used on actual Abarth-built 750 Berlina cars? Was it different than on cars transformed via the available aftermarket 750 "kits"? Were the grille, whiskers, etc. from the Abarth-built cars stamped with a unique ID number on the back, like on the coachbuilt 750 cars?

2. What year(s)/model(s) used the small "derivazione" and "ABARTH 750" script emblems mounted on the front of the large/center "whiskers" on either side of the front grille?

3. Change in scorpion body design on the front/dash shield emblems; series 1 detailed scorpion vs. series 2 modified scorpion (I'm not concerned with the later series 3 type) - what year(s) did this occur?

4. Exact cut-off year for the two-tone vs. solid color paint scheme (I have conflicting info on it being either 1956 or 1957). Did the side stripe begin at the fender-mounted turn lamp? If so, front or rear end of the lamp housing? (need good original photos!)

5. Was the small front leafspring center torsion bar found on the 850TC also used on the early 750 Berlina models? When was it developed?

6. Were the noses of the bumperless 750 Berlina Mille Miglia cars hammered out (forward) in the center in order to improve aerodynamics?

7. What were the specific years/applications for the 2 different small (about 60mm Ø) Jaeger tachometer styles used on the 750 Berlina? (black face/white text 6800rpm tach vs. black/tan face/white text 8500rpm tach)

8. Was a temp GAUGE ever installed vs. using only the 600-style red warning light? If so, was it a separate gauge mounted on/under the dash, or was it the optional 600 Veglia gauge that fits into the 600 speedo housing?

9. Were side-bolster bars/braces ever used on the front seats (like on the Zagato 750 racing seat)?

10. Exactly which final drive ratios were used on the Berlina...same as on the alloy-bodied Abarth cars? 8/39, 9/41 &/or???

11. Did the 750 Berlina use the black/silver aluminum Abarth ID tag fastened to the muffler shroud sheetmetal (between the muffler hanger-bracket bolt heads) like on the coachbuilt Zagato/Allemano/Vignale cars? If so, was the Berlina's stamped TIPO number on this plate noted as "750/119" or "750/119A"? (or "750/119B" for the Mille Miglia version?) What was the difference between the 119 car & the 119A car? Was the letter "A" used to denote the sunroof-top Trasformabile (Convertible) from the full-hardtop Berlina (Sedan)? Or was there even any special notation for the sunroof variant at all? Was there ever a Mille Miglia version of the Trasformabile? Denoted 119A/B?

12. Did the 750 Berlina have the stamped letters/numbers on the muffler shroud sheetmetal (above the afore-mentioned ID tag) like on the 850TC cars? Was it stamped with the word "ABARTH" & the ENGINE type number (219 or 219A or 219B), with the Fiat chassis number stamped below it?

13. Did the 750 engine blocks have any stamped ID numbers/letters on them like on the OT1000 blocks? (the few 750 engine blocks I've seen just had the regular Fiat-stamped engine type/serial numbers) I know the crankshafts are all stamped with the Abarth type/year/etc..

14. Was the 850TC-type body panel engine mount sheetmetal bracing mod also used on the earlier 750 Berlina?

15. Was the round, alloy ABARTH-stamped air cleaner unit ever officially offered for the Abarth 750 (instead of the big black canister air cleaner unit)? Or did folks just use the alloy unit made for the Fiat 1100 because they shared the same Weber 32IMPE carb?

 It's difficult to find good info on the early 750 Berlina like what's available for most of the other Abarth models. Most of the books I have seem to just skim right over this car, with maybe a brief mention &/or 1-2 small blurry photos (or they show the car waaaayyyy in the background of some other Abarth car they're mentioning). Quite frustrating. :(


Unable to  help with the questions/answers, but if you do not have a copy of the Japanese CAR magazine Memories coloured reprint article on a specific 750 derivazione berlina ( telaio 236845), I can email you a copy.
I am unable to read Japanese so am unaware of print content of article. Subject vehicle has black 6800 small tacho, temperature gauge in speedo pod ,150kph scale etc
Cheers   Trevor

  I'd love to have a copy of that article, thanks! I might even be able to translate some of the text via a friend of mine (Japanese). Any info gained is always a step ahead with these cars. Telaio 236845 would be a 1956 model - curious as to how it has a 150kph speedo?

Is the car in this article the same as the one shown below?


Yes it is the same car:    3 wipers,    same  2 stickers on windscreen;   two tone steel wheels etc. Will get to work with my scanner -  be a few hours by time I send the 9 pages. After you get it let me know if you want larger copies of individual photos, some of which are but 2" x 1.75" as printed in the article.
Cheers   Trevor


--- Quote from: trevor on April 18, 2008, 03:02:09 am ---Jeff,
Yes it is the same car: 3 wipers, same 2 stickers on windscreen; two tone steel wheels etc.
--- End quote ---

 Nice. I can't recall where I got that photo from - some Vintage Rally site I visited a while back just happened to have it.

--- Quote from: trevor on April 18, 2008, 03:02:09 am ---  Will get to work with my scanner -  be a few hours by time I send the 9 pages. After you get it let me know if you want larger copies of individual photos, some of which are but 2" x 1.75" as printed in the article.
Cheers   Trevor

--- End quote ---

  After you scan it, is there any chance you could post it on a separate online photo host instead of emailing it to me? (just email me the links instead?). I'm on dial-up access, so things like this often take FOREVER to download!

  I'd love to have larger prints of ANY photos of the early 750 Sedans - nothing too huge, 800x600 res is plenty big enough. ;)



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