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1000 Monomille For Restoration


Interesting project car for sale on with Classicon in Hamburg.

Now I might have got my wires crossed but I thought the Monomille variants were (as their name would suggest) single cam/pushrod 1000cc cars. The fact this is being advertised as a Monomille Bialbero seems odd therefore.

Here's the description:

"prototype car - small series (1 of 28 built): monomille bialbero for restoration - not complete, some parts missing like brakes, cylinder head and gas tank - 2 sets of alloy rims, including original 5.5" MILLE MIGLIA wheels - rollbar"

Link: [nofollow]

You're right-- the Monomille was the pushrod car.

$60K USD seems pretty steep for what little you get.


Hello Guys,

Interesting! Agree price is prety steep for what you get. Quite a lot of work must be done to make this a driver again.
If this is a Monomille or a Bialbero is hard to tell. I own a Monomille myself and this is what i know.
The same body with standing headlights are all Monomille, it is basically the same body as a Bialbero.
The differeces are:
-Standing headlights
- upper trim to hold door windows tight aren't there. ( This car does have these )
- Monomille metall script on engine cover

The story that goes: at the factory some Bialbero bodies were left over, then fitted with a Monomille engine and were  also sold as Monomille. So this car can be either a Bialbero or a Monomille, depending on the engine that has been fitted by the factory.
Indication could be the gauges, in a monomille the speedometer goes till 200 and RPM meter till 7000 rpm.
So the gauges indicate this is a Bialbero, but it is not 100% garantee.

Best regards, Vincent, AEW


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