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guy moerenhout:
this model was made by abarth for Fiat and had two Weber 38 DCOE also it had a abarth oilsump and more HP than a 2300 coupe .Its a good base for a rallycar .I can make now 3 intake manifolds and outlet manifolds for it like on the allemano 2200 abarth .Also a rallysuspention is still to have on order.THis car must go for another project from a client .He wish to have 12500 euro but you can always make a offer and I give it to him .Car is passing techic inspektion and normale no plates .1963 .Remember that the drive a record on Circuit Monza 48 h on 180 km/h ;72 h  on 178,118  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can build your own 2300 S abarth  coupe Record .There is on for sale and price is 144.000 euro  (NOW 250000 EURO IN GERMANY┬░ kOCH)

beautyful really plan to make the triple intake manifold ? would be nice to mount on my coupe that i will take to the monte carlo historique again begining of february..

guy moerenhout:
yes Peter I will make two our max tree set in and out manifold .Its will be stupped not to do when I have now one engine out off a car for rebuilding

guy moerenhout:


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