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Liege Brescia Liege for minicars such as Fiat Abarth!


In July 1958, the Royal Motor Union of Liège organised a special once-only ‘mini’ version of its legendary Marathon de la
Route, specifically for cars of under 500cc engine capacity: it ran from Thursday evening to Sunday evening, non-stop
apart from a break of a few hours in Brescia. Berkeleys led until the rally entered Slovenia, when the Fiat 500s took over, going on to win the event. De seven Fiat that entered, also finished the race!

This rally (now touristic)  will run again in 2008. There will be two categories on the 2008 event, each divided into engine capacity classes:
– ‘Authentic’ category: cars up to 500cc built prior to July 1958 or identical but built slightly later
– ‘Spirit’ category: cars up to 700cc built prior to 1968 (or identical but slightly later) and ‘in the spirit’ of the 1958 rally
– Authentic classes: 250cc, 350cc, 500cc
– Spirit classes: 250cc, 350cc, 500cc, 700cc


guy moerenhout:
thanks for info ,on with days it will run  and will be a classement ?Fiva rules our not

The tourist rally is planned for july 10- July 20 2008.
It will take 10 days to follow the same route. it is a touring event, no race
300km per day, and with full suport of the Royal Motor Union.
Some competitive tests on private tracks

two categories: Authentic for cars up to 500CC eligible in 1958 and Spirit for pre-1968 cars up to 700cc email lblrally(at)


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